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We guide organizations in their technological evolution, so that they can be driven by data of their market, their processes and their ecosystem looking to solve key business problems.

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We guide organizations in their technological evolution, so that they can be driven by their core data. We develop a roadmap on the road to digital transformation through the extraction of insights provided by data. A journey that we undertake with the use of IoT, Big Data, Analytics and Artificial Intelligence. We seek to generate results in saving time and resources, looking to improve processes for efficient decision making.

Digital Evolution Services

IoT - Internet of Things

Solutions for the interconnection of telemetry devices and sensors.

Big Data

Big Data tools for Data Lakes and Data Warehouse deployment.

Business Intelligence

When you have to know the status of the current situation using simple and agile dashboards.

Data Science

Database deployment, data wrangling, feature engeering and information analysis to extract all the business insights.

A.I. & Machine Learning

A.I. Models & Algorithms to derive predictive ideas and solve business problems.

Language Processing & Chatbots

Sentiment analysis, text mining, social media analysis and chatbots for intelligent communication.

How are returns on investment in data management evaluated?

Eduardo Del Piano, CIO of Swiss Medical Group, tells us about it in this clip of the virtual event we had on Artificial Intelligence, Data Analysis and New Business Development. Agile methodologies, feedback and advance are key mechanisms in the process of working with the mini MVP’s.

How to do business strategies with data science?

The 3 points we cover are:
1.- The Big Data maturity cycle with the current situation in each case.
2.- The step-by-step process to identify business initiatives.
3.- The economic value of the data, as an element of support for investments of this type.


Recent solutions projects with A.I.

  • Traffic Optimization in Bank Branches
  • Allocation of Vendors for Warehouse
  • Cross-Selling Score For Insurer
  • Sales Prediction For Cosmetic Company
  • Intelligent Customer Segmentation For Marketing Company

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