Boosting Your Business With Technology

We boost the digital evolution of organizations and their businesses by developing transformation and innovation platforms.

Our Digital Evolution Solutions

IoT - Internet of Things

Solutions for the interconnection of telemetry devices and sensors.

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We assemble scalable devices and platforms with real-time analysis to meet different business needs. The data generated by IoT devices can be collected, stored and processed in a data platform, where the extraction of knowledge under a Big Data strategy gives the second level of evolution for the solution of problems and decision making of the organization. The integration between sensors and the backend gives you the necessary flexibility and focused on the engineering of IoT products for digital transformation.

Business Intelligence

When you have to know the status of the current situation using simple and agile dashboards.

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We offer integrations of multiple data sources from multiple platforms. It is the way to stay connected through reliable data under a digital platform to have interconnected business processes. Dashboards display complex data sets in views, charts, and graphs, revealing results in ways that traditional spreadsheets and tools cannot achieve. We make it easier for users to have a more relevant interaction with their data, explore unknown patterns, and uncover hidden insights and trends.

A.I. & Machine Learning

A.I. Models & Algorithms to derive predictive ideas and solve business problems.

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We offer solutions and services powered by Machine Learning using regressions, decision trees, SVM or Deep Learning. We have a focus on business initiative, solving associated problems or answering questions that are key to decision-making. In order to recognize and understand various patterns, we use the power of signal processing (video, images, audio). We accompany the transformation opportunities that arise from the availability of tons of new data along with powerful processing technologies and new algorithms.

Big Data

Big Data tools for Data Lakes and Data Warehouse deployment.

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Today there is an immense amount of massive volumes of data. Organizations seek to leverage and extract knowledge about their business by crossing data with other data sources that take it to another level. We offer services for business information management complemented with real-time analysis, incorporating storage with relational as well as non-relational and distributed database management systems.

Data Science

Database deployment, data wrangling and information analysis to extract all the business insights.

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To take a leap beyond understanding data, you need the mathematical and statistical models that data science offers. This includes predictions, optimizations and classifications having the premise of the common thread of the business as an element to solve a problem, improve income or optimize costs. Knowing what else I can learn from the business that data has to offer and what new knowledge, previously inaccessible, is implicit.

Language Processing & Chatbots

Sentiment analysis, text mining, social media analysis and chatbots for intelligent communication.

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We develop software with NLP (Natural Language Processing) to explore new ways of understanding written and oral language. This is possible by applying computational techniques to understand the syntax and semantics of the language with Recurrent Neural Networks, Transformer, Vertical or GPT. Application in translations, audio analysis, tag selection, social media analysis, sentiment analysis, chatbots and service channels with A.I.